Boomer’s adventures

Well, Boomer is at it again.  Boomer, the bear on the right is my bear.  The Husband gave him to me many moons ago and I sleep with him every night (yes, I must sleep with a stuffed animal).  The other bear is the kidlet’s.  I’ve taken to sleeping with it, too, to give it my scent (notice I didn’t say stink?).  We have 2 pandas for the kidlet, which we have named Ping and Pong, but I don’t remember which is which and really it will be up to her to name them. 

Last spring Boomer became quite active.  Now his antics are starting again.  I was up and out before The Husband this morning and came home to find Ping (or Pong) polishing Boomer’s shoes.  I’m beginning to suspect that Boomer’s bustling activity is a spring thing.  At least, this is the second round at about the same time of year.  My Husband is quite the peculiar guy.


2 Responses

  1. oh you need a kid…. and soon….

    now, did DH stick the stuffed animal in stinky shoes? not nice.

  2. Peculiar…or *sweet*!

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