Chinese lesson

We had an interesting Chinese class this week and I thought I’d share. 

Ma ma hu hu:  the direct translation is “horse-horse tiger-tiger”, however it is used to mean “so so” 

  • Question:  Hao bu hao?   = How are you? 
  • Answer:    Ma ma hu hu. = So so.

Make sure you don’t say ma hu – direct translation is horse-tiger, but it means sloppy or careless.

Ma pi jing:  the direct translation is “horse fart fairy”, however it means flatterer, as in brown-noser.


2 Responses

  1. Now THAT is awesome! I think we have a dog fart fairy in our house, because we seem to be sprinkled with those quite often!

  2. Horse fart fairy!! Oh so much more poetic than brown-noser? Do you know I was probably 30 before I figured out was brown-noser meant? Before that I thought it meant you were like a little puppy following someone around like they were the boss. Ha!

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