Yesterday was productive and enjoyable.  First of all, it was the second sunny and warm day of the year – not counting an Indian summer in February or March.  In the morning I ordered new glasses.  I can’t wait until they arrive next week.  I’ve been wanting a new pair for awhile.  Ever since the contacts didn’t work out, I’ve been wanting a new look (since the the glassesless look didn’t work out).  Plus, I should have two good pairs for our China trip.  These are nice.   They are rimless and what frame there is is titanium.  The are pretty indestructable.  They can be bent and tossed – no thrown violently!  They should be good for the kidlet and me.

Next, I bought flowers for planting out front and around the the side of the house and I did a little gardening.  After The Husband cuts the grass, I’ll finish up. 

Later, The Husband and I went out to eat with his parents.  We went to a new restaurant, pub, small brewery for dinner.  That was nice.  The Husband got the beer sampler.

After dinner we went for a walk at a nearby wildlilfe project. 

It was nice to be outside.


After our walk, we went out for ice cream.  Yes, it was a nice day.


2 Responses

  1. Mmmm. That beer sampler looks tasty.

  2. I am way behind, but that sounds like perfection!

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