Geese update ~ sad news

I noticed that Harriet wasn’t on the nest this morning, which is highly unusual.  I wondered if the eggs had died and she and Ozzy had abandoned the nest.  I just checked and sure enough, there are three perfect looking eggs in the nest, but no Ozzy or Harriet to be seen.  It has been so cold here for several weeks that I guess they just couldn’t keep them warm enough.  The other day when I saw Harriet inspecting the nest, she was probably discovering the eggs had died.  I find this very sad and I miss them.  There are geese still hanging out near hear and they might be Ozzy, Harriet, and friends.  I’ll continue to say hi. 


7 Responses

  1. That is sad, oh my gosh. I wonder if she can lay more eggs, or if they just have to wait until next year. Probably the latter. Shoot.

  2. Oh, that is sad news. Poor Harriet.

  3. I doubt that it was cold that did the nest in…… these birds can incubate eggs in below 0 weather. I wonder if something disturbed the nest? The geese will abandon their nest if they feel that it has been intruded upon. They can lay more eggs this season though…… it will be interesting to see them “clear out” this nest of the contaminated eggs.

  4. It is still early in the season. I’ll continue to watch the nest for activity. I’d love to see them start again.

  5. That is such sad news. Poor Harriet. I am so sad to hear about this development.

  6. Sorry to hear that. It would have been very exciting to watch a family grow before your eyes. Sorry I have not posted lately–I try to check-in often. I love your reading suggestions and also counting the laps with you!

  7. That is so sad.

    Keep smilin!

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