Last night we went out for sushi with our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Pushy (aka the Fenstermachers), our ALT friends.  We enjoyed miso, sushi, pad thai, pot stickers, shou mai, eamame, wine, beer, and saki.  Mrs. Pushy had the saki ~ her first time.  She had gasoline-face with the first few sips, but she said it improved a lot when the sushi arrived.  After dinner we returned to our house and hung out and talked about life, including this crazy adoption wait.  Their LID is in March 2006.  It’s nice to be with people who get the craziness from the same perspective as us.  Thanks, friends. 

Oh, guess what Fenstermachers?  The Husband just installed the hot water filter at the sink and I made my first cup of tea!  It’s very hot with no prep time!  Post on this to come…

Ps. Nicky says hello and Mr. F…  he misses your shoes.


4 Responses

  1. I’m droowling just looking at your sushi. Gotta get me some.

  2. That got my attention! Sushi is still my #1 food choice and there are few sushi options in my little corner of the world. Was it as good as it looked? Hi to the Pushy’s as well.

  3. Wow that food sounds incredibly delicious. How great that you have made such good friends with the Pushys or Fenstemachers or whoever they are!

  4. We had a great time last night, though I still can’t decide whether it was the sushi that made the sake taste better, or the mere fact that I could no longer feel my cheekbones! Glad to hear the hot water dispenser is up and running. Tell Nicholas that Mr. Pushy says hello~

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