It appears that our new LID is December 5, 2005.  This is an estimate based upon the fact that it’s known that our LID was re-logged in in early December and our agency’s first LID of December 2005 is December 5.  Seems logical.  ??????? 

Based upon China Adoption Forecast this LID would give us a referral by approximately July 2.  Our agency gives a similar forecast for this LID.  So, I guess I feel more realistic now.  I am hoping our agency officially changes it so we get the proper emails.  They did apologize for sending the automated emails based on the October LID, but this one slipped through. 

I gotta say, I’m tired… it’s been a long day for many reasons.  Honestly, I don’t even know how the adoption stuff figures in to my tiredness.  I don’t think I’ve really thought this adoption thing is real for a long time now.  It’s somehow just a fantasy in my mind.  I feel like we’re a couple of collectors of baby paraphernalia.  I talk about the Kidlet like I think she’s really coming, but the whole thing is really pretty abstract.  I think when it’s time for our referral I’ll be very shocked.  Like, “What…?!  You mean there’s really a baby for us?  You mean this isn’t all a fantasy game?  I buy baby wipes, we talk LIDs and referrals stats… we add up our armour, hit, and swim points and see who wins.”  I’m telling you… I’m not in reality. 


3 Responses

  1. I hear you 100% on the reality (or non-reality as it were). Dec. 5 sounds promising — I wish it were a little more certain, but it does make sense.

  2. That does make sense. I’m hoping for a summertime referral (or sooner) for you guys.

  3. You are one of the few people who have actually put into words everything that I am feeling right now. After striving to build a family for seven years, the whole idea of there actually being a baby for us at the end of all of this is not something I have a lot of faith in. I wish I could be as optimistic as others, but the whole process (not solely adoption, but infertility as well) has broken me down.
    Thank you for so eloquently putting your thoughts out there.

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