My orchids ~ 8 days later + geese update

Here they are eight days later and looking nice.  Both have four buds on them and will probably have one more bloom next week.  I love the orchid season!

By the way, I can’t see the geese from my window, but I check them out throughout the day.  I get the biggest kick out of my orchids and the geese and watching their progress.  I had forgotten that they have the same season!  Oh, and it is COLD out these days.  We have reverted back to winter weather and I feel really bad for Ozzy and Harriet.  I hope that they are well prepared for winter weather, even when they have to hang out on or near the nest.


5 Responses

  1. They look just gorgeous. I think you’ve caught them at their peak.

    I’m sure Ozzie and Harriet will be just fine. They know how to handle themselves!

  2. Ozzy and Harriet are Canadian Geese! They are loving the mild weather in your state! I hope they have their green cards and aren’t having their goslings in the US just so they’ll have automatic American Citizenship!

  3. The orchids are beautiful, I love the white one.

  4. Beautiful flowers!!! I hope mine don’t all freeze.

  5. I have a friend who is a huge orchid nut. He actually owns many orchids & sends them off to a “farm” during their dormant season. The “farm” people bring them to him when they are blooming. Yes, he is wealthy. Anyway, he told me once that the phalaenopsis (the ones you have) are one of the hardest to get to re-bloom. You are doing a fantastic job!!!!

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