Misty of Chincoteague

Last night I finished Misty of Chincoteague and The Husband reminded me that our friend knew the author, Marguerite Henry.   

I had a chance to talk to him today, and not only did he know Marguerite, but he knew Misty!!!  Here’s the scoop.  Sometime ago, in Wayne, Illinois, our friend grew up and his mother was very good friends with Marguerite Henry.  Misty was her horse.  Misty first lived in Chincoteague, later Wayne, Illinois, then back to Chincoteague.  When Ms. Henry finished another book, Black Gold, she asked our friend to read it, as she wanted the opinion of a child.  He did and it was then published in 1957.  It was dedicated to Brad and Sam, our friend and his brother.  Nifty, huh?

The Husband and I went to Assateague Island two summers ago.  It is really something to see the wild ponies roaming around.  They hang around the parking lots a lot because they can find food there.  They are very tame, but might nip at you if you aren’t careful.  Our niece was with us and she was mostly interested in their poop ~ “na-na poop!”  Hey, she was two!


6 Responses

  1. One of my favorite childhood books, and also an excellent movie. We went to Chincoteague a few years ago, a dream of mine, it was amazing to see the wild ponies…..

  2. We’ve actually never been there, but I always wanted to check it out.

  3. That is so cool. I’ve never actually read the book, but I certainly know about it and that it’s very beloved. If kidlet is a horse lover she’s going to be thrilled with this story.

  4. Okay, So I’m not sure how I linked over to your blog…one adoption blog to another and here I am. This is so neat because this is my all time favorite childhood book. Still have it and can’t wait to read it to my child. I’ve even told hubby that one day we’re going.

  5. Anyone know of which house in Wayne along
    Army Trail Road that the Henrys lived in during
    their years in Wayne? Just wondering as I
    drive through Wayne weekly and love the stories
    that Marguerite writes..

  6. Does anyone know which ranch home in Wayne
    did the Henrys lived in during their years in
    this beautiful town? Since I drive through Wayne
    weekly, just wondering each time. Thought
    it’s time to find out. I’ve always loved the stories
    by Marguerite….

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