Our day + book update

Last week I asked The Husband out on a date for Sunday.  My first choice was HERE, but we just didn’t have the time (or $$$ 🙂 ~ oh well, maybe someday).   We decided to go to Woody’s, a crab-house in North East, Maryland.  Check out their website – they have a section just for the crabs (where they can plan their crustacean vacations) and another for humans (if you’re a crab, don’t read this section!  You’ll ruin the fun of your vacation!).  We both had the Eastern Shore Clambake.    We wandered around the town looking in the shops.  I got the book, Misty of Chincoteague, for the kidlet at an antique shop.  It has a newspaper article taped in it about the author, Marguerite Henry, and it’s written to Taylor by Grandmom, apparently given as a gift in 1997.  I wrote in it to Kidlet today. 

We came home early and I read, took a nap, and read some more.  I finished Mao’s Last Dancer, enjoying it completely.  There was some reference to infant abandonment, which was interesting, but that’s all I’m going to say.  I was looking at my pile and need to pick something new.  Maybe I’ll read Misty.  I did start it.  I have a huge pile of books to get through – mostly books I asked for.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I LOVE to read.  If I’m finishing a book and don’t have another lined up, I get nervous.  I guess I won’t be nervous about this for quite awhile!


2 Responses

  1. I remember reading Misty a long time ago! People at work talk about Woody’s all the time. We’ve never been there.

  2. I LOVED Misty as a kid….. I HAD to read all horse books avaialable! Now you ned to get Brighty…. about her burro buddy!
    Those books are classics!
    I’m not too sure about crab….. I remember our trip to Baltimore for Crab Cakes and was so not into them! It was you, me and your brother….. it felt like we drove for days!

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