My orchids

Last year I started raising orchids.  I got the purple one as a Christmas gift last year and I’m so pleased that it is flowering again this year under my care.  You see, I have a black thumb, generally killing my plants.  But these are very simple if I keep them on their Tuesday and Friday watering schedule – and I just give them a little bit!  I keep them in my office, which seems to provide just the right amount of light.

They make me very happy when the the buds are beginning to bloom.  The buds take forever to open and every day I wonder if a new flower will be open.  During the flowering season they are great fun for me to watch!


5 Responses

  1. Raising orchids is not easy – but, oh-so gratifying! Great job!

  2. Lovely. I’d say that black thumb is now a healthy shade of green.

  3. Beautiful!! I got one once and killed it almost immediately, and then I got one as a gift, and I kept it alive for three years! Great job!

  4. Elegant and beautiful.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Beautiful! I was so excited to plant a garden this summer now that we finally had a house and yard of our own. But now we’ll be moving back to the tundra where nothing grows…

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