I skipped Chinese class tonight (wo bu you Zhongwen ke) – I said, I don’t have Chinese class.  Not really true, but my Chinese notes are in the car, so I can’t look up how to say that I’m just not there.  The Husband and others are there, just not me.  I’m feeling very headachey and tired and knew I wouldn’t be able to focus. 

 I came home, with my McDonald’s supper and Starbucks latte.  My drink cost as much as my dinner!  I shared my french fries with Aleca, my cat, and watched Law & Order (the original, I’m not into any of the new ones).  I’m tired of the TV now, but I think it’s too early for bed.  So, now I’m rambling on my blog.  I have a real post brewing in my head… mostly when I’m in the pool.  Although I come up with wonderful post ideas in the pool, I don’t write them well there.  This one is about he who gave me the gift of sport – not the skill, but the gift.  Perhaps I’ll stop this silliness now and try to write it.


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