What happened to spring?

 On Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil made a promise that spring was just around the corner and earlier this week, when it was 70 degrees out, it looked like he knew what he was talking about.  Then yesterday we had a snowstorm that lasted through the night.  We have about 5 inches and it’s a big ‘ole mess.  Now, I like winter and I like snow, but come on dudes… it’s spring!  I’ve been seeing robins and geese!  What are the poor things doing?  Ozzy and Harriett Goose are looking for a nesting site and snow is NOT in their radar!!! 

This morning I got out of the shower.  The Husband had already been out.  He had been shoveling yesterday and knew there was more for today.  So, here was sitting on the bed and he says, “can we buy a snow-blower?”  It was cute.  Kind of like a little boy asking for a new toy truck.  Well, I didn’t need to think about this for a half a second.  In fact, I bet my neurons were working double-time to spit this answer out – “yes!”  I have NO desire to shovel.  When I was single I paid someone to do it.  A year ago we got a dishwasher and I am eternally grateful.  So, yeah… we can get a snow-blower!!!  And yes, this was a completely selfish answer.

Cool thing is, they were on sale – a spring sale!  Ha, even the stores know it’s springtime.  Let’s catch on here.

 I even dug out some of my summer clothes this week.  Not because I really expect to be wearing them, but because when I was bathing suit shopping I found myself wanting to buy spring/summer clothes.  I figure I can’t justify buying stuff if I don’t take stock of what I have.  Spring is a weird time for me.  I go into a weird (okay, psychotic) state with clothes.  I can change outfits over and over.  Part of it is that I don’t have a large mid-season wardrobe.  What’s the point, the mid-season lasts all of 2 weeks!  Also, I have well, let’s just say issues and I’m more comfortable in winter clothes than summer.  So when the seasons change I might change outfits 3-4 times before I find something I can live with.  I think I told The Husband one year that he should ignore this behavior when he sees it.  There is really no sense in trying to tell me something looks nice – I won’t believe it.  This thing is bigger than both of us and not even close to rational and it’s bad when the seasons change, especially in the spring.  It also involves some shopping.  I wanted to buy these perfect carpis yesterday, but I resisted. I decided to attempt to be rational and 1) look at my wardrobe and see if I need them and 2) wait and see if I keep thinking about them and 3) while thinking about them determine if I think they are appropriate for work.  I’m lucky that I work at a VERY casual place.  So, for the moment I’m in my  “rational phase.” 

Ps.  I just need to know… does anyone else do this?


5 Responses

  1. Well, from the look of your picture and the look outside my picture window….. we got so much more “mess” than you but that’s to be expected. On the other hand, I do not have a snow blower! In this mess I would say a blower would be useless…… we have about 12 inches of packed ice.
    The clothes thing? Yeah YOU know I’m going to be indecisive. Now living here I know I have to dress for winter, for mud, for black flies, for 2 weeks of nice season and then back to winter…… all I really need are jeans, teeshirts and sweatshirts…… long johns and boots are a given.

  2. I could not imagine living in Pennsylvania without our snowblower! It is a must!

    We got about 8 inches from Friday thru Saturday morning. I didn’t mind too much on Friday because it got us an early dismissal from school! That was a nice treat on a Friday!

  3. Yes! If a snowblower is the yard equivalent to a dishwasher, no question that you needed one!

  4. Big Brother, nice snowblower. It’s about time. Just for the record, “my snowblowers bigger then your snowblower”.

  5. No kidding! We got an ice storm again today!

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