I got this taggie’s blankie awhile back.  I love Taggies’ stuff.  I can just imagine babies really loving those tags.  The women who started Taggies found just that – their kids played with the tags of their toys more than the toys themselves. 

I realize this is a “boyish” blanket, but I’m not into sex stereotypes and we’re somewhat anti-pink.  I say somewhat because we will accept some pink, but we’ve been asking for no pink gifts because then we know we’ll get just enough!  We know so many families whose girls hardly wear anything but pink.  Blah!  I love bright colors and I love blue.  Why should it be just for boys?  And cars and trucks and planes and sailboats are cool.  The kidlet may want to be a truck driver one day.  Or a mechanic, or a NASA engineer.  I don’t want to begin the stereotyping now.  So, blue blankie with transportation stuff it is!

Anyway, the reason I pulled this out of her bureau today is that it occurred to me that maybe we ought to start sleeping with it.  I think this might go to China in a care package when we find out who she is and I want some of the things to smell like us.  I don’t want to send a lot ~ probably one stuffed animal and this blankie.  She can choose her favorite, but I do want them to have our scent on them.  I’m thinking it might be time to start working on that.  Wow!


3 Responses

  1. I found the taggies stuff on line, I had never heard of it but I remember babysitting a little kid years ago who lived to rub mom’s nightgown tag.
    What an awesome idea these taggies are.

  2. Very cute! It looks super soft.

  3. Now that is exciting! I know kids just love taggies, so you’re off to a great start.

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