Accounting the swims

  • Wednesday, 3/14 ~ 20 laps
  • Thursday, 3/15 ~ 13 laps
  • Friday, 3/16 ~ 17 laps
  • Weekly total ~ 50 laps
  • Grand total ~ 805, only 2,495 to go!

This has been a weird swimming week.  I couldn’t get myself there early in the week.  The change to Daylight Savings Time was killing me.  First of all, having a party that Saturday night – not good planning.  Not that we realized it, but this wasn’t a good weekend to lose an hour.  Also, I was really enjoying getting up to swim and having it light outside!  Suddenly I was plunged back into darkness!!!  Jeez Louise, I don’t like this starting so early.  Anyway, I finally got on the ball and made it back on Wednesday.

However,… I think on Wednesday they “shocked” the pool.  I’m told this means they gave it a big dose of chemicals.  Our pool is known for killing bathing suits and it destroyed mine on Wednesday.  Yes, on Wednesday – in one day!  I heard another woman say this happened to her awhile back and she went to the place where she got her suit to return it (it was a month old and so is mine) and the guy took it back, but he asked where she swims and was not surprised by her answer.  The Husband thinks maybe they’re combatting the hard water of this town.  Who knows?  But I can tell you that on Wednesday before I got in the pool my suit was nice and blue and had a good shape.  After I got out it was stretched out, the blue was faded, and it looked like it had sand on it.  It’s kind of pilling.  It is really weird.  I’ve been talking about it in the locker room all week and another swimmer recommended that I get a polyester suit.  It sounded yucky, but I went shopping today and found one that’s nice.  It’s supposed to handle chemicals well and resist fading.  She said she was told hers will last 6-12 months.  Gosh, that sounds like an estimate on an adoption wait. 

So, if the chemicals are clobbering my suit, what are they doing to me you ask?  Well, my hair has gotten quite dry.  I’ve never been one for using conditioners because they weigh down my hair, but things have changed.  I just picked up a hot oil treatment and a daily leave-in treatment.  I finally figured out that I needed to use a lower setting on my curling iron – I was starting to burn my hair!  So, if all of this is good for my muscles, it isn’t so good for my hair or skin.  I’m also using a lot more lotion.  And about my muscles – how come I haven’t lost any weight?  I just completed my 15th week and I haven’t lost a pound.  My clothes fit exactly the same.  My back feels great; I have very little hip pain; and I’ve stopped going to the chiropractor – so things are great, but why aren’t I losing any weight?


3 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like a harsh place to swim! I hope your new suit handles things better than the old one.

  2. Okay… sounds geeky but this really worked well for me. At the pool I swam at we, of course had to shower before going in the pool. I would slather on conditioner, not wash it out but put a bathing cap on over that. The conditioner was washed out in my post swim shower and my hair stayer super-healthy. Remember muscle weighs more than fat so while you’re losing fat you may not see a difference on the scale but feeling better is a really good incentive for swimming too!

  3. That is unbelievable about the suit — now I know why you were shopping for a new suit in the spring clothes post! I do know that the polyester ones are supposed to be super long-lasting and competitive swimmers use them. I tried one once and it wasn’t bad – the only reason I didn’t get it was that it didn’t fit right.

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