It’s been two years…

… since we were accepted by our adoption agency.  We think of that as our conception date.  There is NO animal with a gestation period of 24 months!  It’s been 16 months and 1 week since our LID.  Based on an LID estimate of between December 1 and 15 we guess we’ll get a referral between May and July.  Our agency tells us that when your LID is changed that it is usually early whatever your new month is. 

Our old LID group, October 31, 2005, should be matched in the next batch.  We both have this fantasy that we’ll get The Call with this group.  Of course we won’t be expecting it, so we’ll go to work and go about our usual business and be shocked.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, what do you think our kidlet’s doing right now?  Now that we’re into Daylight Savings Time (what’s up with that anyway???) it’s only 12 hours ahead in China, so it’s 8:39 in Kidlet-Land.  I think Kidlet’s had breakfast and is fantasizing about parents in a land far, far away. 


2 Responses

  1. Hmmm..I often seem to get to these posts when it’s the middle of the night in China. So…I say she’s sleeping sweetly with her blanking tucked tightly in her hand.

  2. 5:53 am now–I will say sleeping very peacefully and now DREAMING of those parents far, far away…

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