100,000,000th Tick Party

 We had our party and there was cake…

There was a toast at 8:10 because the clock was started at 12:10 on our wedding day.  This gentleman delivered the toast that day, too.

There was our clock…

And photos from January 3, 2004…

And we shared the clock with guests…

And we read…


7 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great party! Glad you recognized such a cool moment.

  2. One hundred million ticks!! Wow! It’s so nice to see all the time you get to spend with kids. You guys always look so natural and content with them.

  3. What fun!! You two look so natural with kiddos in your arms. XO

  4. What a wonderfully original idea for a party!!!

    Happy One Hundred Million tick tocks!!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Happy 100,000,000! I love your wedding portrait.

  6. you know, I love coming across truly original people.

  7. […] ceremony and it has come to represent our marriage.  About three years after our wedding we had a One Millionth Tick Party.  When I heard the clock museum was having an anniversary clock exhibit and were looking for […]

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