Happy Women’s Day!

San Yue ba hau shi Taiwande funu jie!  Translation:  March 8th is Women’s Day in Taiwan!  At one point, according to my Chinese teacher who is from Taiwan, all women would have the day off.  Not anymore, though.  This may have something to do with “san ba” “3-8” being an insult toward women and March 8 is 3-8.  It’s a very rude thing to say to a woman.  It implies she’s unsophisticated and maybe a little wild.  The equivalent for men is “si jiu” or “4-9.”  Yeah, we didn’t get it either, but I would like the day off!


3 Responses

  1. Oh, man, I’d love the day off! We need Women’s Day here.

  2. That is so interesting about the numbers being insults! I may have to investigate.

    We are starting a very short Mandarin for travelers course this Sunday. I’m sure I’ll blog about it a little. I need to look into Taiwanese lessons too.

  3. Doesn’t Taiwan do their dates the opposite to Americans as in the day, month, year? This way it would be 8-3-07 and they could all have the day off!
    I saw that in Russia, for Women’s Day women could swim in the Volga River after they removed the ice from a section! Boy! What we’re missing out on!

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