Blogging update

I’m spending a lot of time with this blog trying to update it.  I managed to transfer all my posts from Blogger to here.  I don’t think all the comments made it, but I can live with that.  It seems that I need to do my links one by one, which is a drag.  I’m going to each blog, but not taking the time to read them – just grabbing the link and going.  Anyway, due to this, I’m not getting around to reading my regular blogs so much.  I feel really out of the loop, but I’ll catch up with ya’ll soon! 

One more thing… what do you think our kidlet’s doing right now?  It’s 13 hours ahead of whatever time it is now.  For me that’s 10:10 tomorrow morning.  I think she’s trying to sit up.  Woops, she tipped over!  Keep trying, Kidlet!


5 Responses

  1. I think she was just playing Moonlight Sonata in G Major but the piano is a bit out of tune. You may want to start looking into Juliard’s policy of accepting children under 4 years old!

  2. I didn’t know you were a cognitive therapist–very interesting. I tried to transfer to typepad once and gave up–still with blogger.

    Come on kidlet–get here soon!

  3. I think she’s eating some congee for lunch!!!

  4. Your kidlet descriptions always leave me smiling. I’ve got a mental block about trying to picture Sweetpea – I appreciate the reminder that picturing him/her might actually help me along.

  5. I think she’s giggling with her crib mate.

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