Atomic clocks/watches

I can’t really describe atomic time or clocks, so here’s a link to that.  All I know is that they are very accurate. 

My watch and clocks are radio controlled.  Periodically, my watch receives a time calibration signal from Fort Collins, Colorado, where there is an atomic clock.  It receives this by radio transmission and usually late at night.  So, each night my watch is set to a very accurate clock ~ the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

I have two radio controlled atomic clocks in my office.  I’m a therapist and I share my office.  My colleague and I were very confused about what time it was with so many clocks around and nobody at our clinic was starting sessions on time.  As my father-in-law would say, “a man with one clock always knows what time it is.  A man with two never does.”  So, you understand the problem.  Finally, I got an atomic analog wall clock to use as The Clock, by which all others are judged.  Our boss was giving all the therapists here a lecture one time about starting sessions on time and I mentioned The Clock.  So he spread the word and it is the official clinic clock.  I got another digital one that is in another spot.  I like having a few clocks in my office so I can check the time without being obvious.  I don’t like clients to feel like I’m watching the time, but I do need to keep track of it.  Radio-controlled atomic clocks and watches are great if you need to be on time.  It’s also really cool to watch the analog clocks themselves because the hands just start moving and they go until the correct time and then stop!  Way cool.


4 Responses

  1. my dad got himself an atomic clock/watch. It is his favorite toy evah!!

  2. THank you! I think I would need some classes to understand the wikipedia definition, but yours was perfect. That is really cool — now I know why you are so into them.

  3. sounds super cool!

  4. My clocks in the house are all set incorrectly-bedrooms to trick us into waking up–kitchen to make it timely to work etc. we’re nuts. I have to check the computer to find out what time it really is 🙂

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