My atomic watch

I finally got an atomic watch.  I’ve always wanted one.  I first learned of atomic time and clocks in college when I had this friend who did his best to keep his digital watch set to “atomic time in Denver.”  Periodically during math class, he would lean over to me and whisper, “did you know that it’s 4:12 atomic time in Denver?” 

I have several atomic clocks, well radio controlled clocks that connect to an atomic clock in Colorado, but never an atomic watch.  Most are men’s watches and just too big for me.  Finally, I found this one and boy oh boy am I happy! 

The radio signal has connected every night since I’ve had it – last night at 1:03 AM.  The best signals are late at night.  It also has a stopwatch, which is handy at work where I have to time some of my client’s work.  It also has a world time clock.  One guess to what country mine’s set to. Besides all this, I think it’s quite sharp looking.  It came with a white, leather band, but I replaced it with stainless steel. 


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  1. You must explain — what is an atomic watch???

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