Today has been busy.  We bought a lamp, a mattress for the kidlet’s crib, and went to a Vietnamese restaurant for pho and French iced coffee, a favorite meal for us both.  Our living room has been too dark for ages and we finally fixed the situation with another lamp and better light bulbs.  Yippe!  We’ve been looking for a mattress, without much luck, for ages.  We’ve been told to look for a high coil count and a wire around the edge, but we were also told we didn’t need to buy the most expensive mattress to get this.  We’d been to Babies R Us and decided to keep looking.  We’ve looked, and looked, and looked.  Finally, today we broke down and went to the dreaded evil Wal-Mart.  They had nothing!  Okay, I exaggerate.  They had one mattress and it was terrible.  We’re driving around and The Husband says, “so should we just go to Babies R Us?”  We figure we know they have a good selection, but we might pay more.  I said that it would equal out when we consider what we save in time and gas.  He pointed out that we have a Prius and don’t do too bad with gas and that the time only is only an issue if we make good with the time (instead of sitting around watching pointless TV or goofing around on the computer).  I said, “okay, consider the savings in sanity!”  He says, “can you put a price on health?” to which I instantly answered, “YES!!!”  So, we spent probably too much on a mattress, had a nice pho and French iced coffee supper, came home, still had time to set up the crib, lamp, do laundry, blog, watch a pointless movie, wrap birthday gifts, and I feel good!  To this I say, “Thank you, Babies R Us.”  Although, I think you have a stupid name.


And, in case you were wondering… we’re now ready for the kidlet!  See… baby wipes!

By the way, my husband is officially named, henceforth on this blog “The Husband” and our daughter in China is “the kidlet” or “Kidlet.”  These may evolve, but for now they stand.


5 Responses

  1. The blog looks really great! And I’m glad Kidlet will be wiped clean:)

  2. Sounds like a productive day! “Kidlet” is very cute.

  3. Sounds like a productive weekend!
    Glad you and “the husband” are ready for the “kidlet”!!!

  4. Sometimes we must succomb. Must feel pretty cool to have the crib set up!

    Cheers! (toasting Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

  5. Ooops, I meant succumb.

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