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It’s been a rough couple of days. This headache has been knocking me for a loop. So, what do I do when plagued with migraines? Naturally, I go to the movies and read a good book. I know, not typical, but I can’t just sleep, it makes it worse. I go about as much as my usual business as I can and today I had plans to go to the movies. What did I see, pray tell? Well, naturally, I went to see Hannibal the Cannibal growing up. Yes, bizarre choice, I know, but I must stick to the plan. It was okay… kind of what I expected. I have to agree with Gary Thompson of, who wrote “I’d like to think the Lecter who schooled Clarice Starling on the psychotic intricacies of Buffalo Bill would by bored by the obviousness of it all.” Still, I liked it, but I’m no critic and tend to be very forgiving of movies.
I then ran to the mall, by this time in more pain, looking for a metal band for my new radio controlled atomic watch.  Yes, I found one! The watch is fabulous, but I’m not crazy about the band.  I planned to replace it when I ordered it.  Still working on that.  Last night it set itself – way cool!  I also got an iced latte with caffeine in hopes of some pain and nausea relief and it did help for a bit.


Then home where I read and napped and read again.  I finally finished The Echo Maker.  The Husband got me this novel for Christmas and lately I only read a few pages at a time.  I guess one benefit to feeling crummy is I have time to read.  The Echo Maker is a post-911 story that follows a young man who has a car accident, followed by coma.  He recovers in most ways, but develops Capgras syndrome in which he believes his sister is not his true sister.  He recognizes her physically, but can’t form the emotional connection that he previously associated with his sister, so he determines that she is an imposter.  He does the same with his dog, but he comes to accept the second dog (afterall it isn’t the dog’s fault it was replaced!).  The characters are interesting and it reads as a mystery as the man tries to figure out the circumstances of his accident.  The story is told from the perspectives of the injured man, his sister, and a doctor.  I recommend it. 


We cancelled our trip to Philly for Chinese New Year tomorrow as sleet and rain is in the forecast, which doesn’t sound good for a road trip or being outdoors.  Instead we’ll meet some of the folks we were going with for a Chinese lunch.  I was considering bowing out anyway because I’m not sure I’d enjoy firecrackers in my present condition.


The pain isn’t terrible right now.  Just constant and nagging with a cobby-web feeling in my brain.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 


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  1. Hi Cavatica, I had an awful migraine on Friday and Saturday, so I can relate. I kept trying to go to sleep so that I wouldn’t dwell on it. I forced myself to last through work on Friday. Mine always last 48 hours, almost exactly. My doc. won’t prescribe anything unless I see a neuro-specialist to figure out the exact cause, and I’m reluctant. (I’m almost positive it’s hormonal). Fortunately it’s not every month I get them, more like every two months. This time I took 3 Motrin at once; can’t tell if it helps or not, but I figure it couldn’t get much worse! Have you tried any of the medications out there? I’m hoping once I hit menopause they will go away.

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