Xinnian kuaile! + What’s the Kidlet doing?

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Golden Pig. I’ll post pictures tomorrow of the Chinese New Year party we attended yesterday that was hosted by our Chinese school and local FCC chapter. I’ll just say it was fun and that we missed the Kidlet. While falling asleep I wondered what she was doing. Since we’re pretty sure she’s born now, I think about that sometimes. Since it’s 7:07 tomorrow morning in China now, I’m thinking she might be having breakfast. I invite others to post in the comment section what they think she’s doing or thinking (yeah, big thoughts at 1-2-3 months old!). Go by the current time in China ~ there’s a clock to the right. Have fun and be imaginative!


5 Responses

  1. Darn! The clock isn’t there — but I think it’s about 8:30 pm there now. I think Kidlet’s just being put down to sleep by her nanny who’s singing her a little song.

  2. Hmmm, 9 am, I think she is looking around for her toy light saber to play with after a great breakfast:)

    Happy New Year–this is YOUR year!!

  3. Oh, duh, it was about 8:30 am! Told you I was pooped!

  4. Hmmm…I think she is napping…dreaming happy dreams.

  5. Xin Nian Hao – Happy New Year!!!

    Nap time!!

    Keep smilin!

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