Accounting a swim

  • Friday, 2/16 ~ 15 laps
  • Weekly total = 15 laps
  • Total = 561 laps

Yeah, I know, pitiful! The snow was part of it, but not all of it. I just didn’t get my lazy bones to the pool. I thought about going tomorrow, but there will be swim meets most of the day and the pool is closed on Sunday. I’ll just get back to it next week.

Better swimming news… I got new corrective goggles in the mail today. I really scratched up my other ones and they were kind of painful and left me with raccoon eyes when I took them off. I got these HERE. You between -0 and -9 correction and each lens can be different. I got -8 on the left and -7 on the right. I can read license plates from my office window! They don’t correct my astigmatism, but they’ll do a nice job for the 20-30 minutes I’m in the pool. I’m sure I’ll be able to read the clock and people’s faces quite well. They come with 3 different nose pieces, so I can make adjustments and have a nice hard case with holes for airing out so I won’t feel the need to dry them with a towel (that’s how I scratched my other ones). I can’t wait to try them!


4 Responses

  1. No! Not pitiful! You were in the pool and that’s all that counts!

    Gorgeous goggles. Mine are pretty crappy — I’m constantly readjusting them — every so often I get them just right and they stay stuck on the whole time. I think I need to bite the bullet and get better ones.

  2. Not pitiful–impressive! The snow kept me from logging ANY walking miles for three days (we don’t have a treadmill).

  3. Yes, I agree — FAR from pitiful!
    Keep up the good work and I like the new goggles.

  4. I Loove those cool lookin’ goggles! I might even take up swimming if swim gear has improved this much! God knows I need to.

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