Art Around the House ~ Part IV & a day off

This is a vase that hangs on the wall. My brother and sister-in-law got it in Mexico. I’ve always thought it is pretty cool. It had been hanging in what is now the Kidlet’s room, but I moved it to the downstairs bathroom.

Guess what??? Due to snow and ice, we’re both home from work. Yahooooo, a forced day off with no other plans. So far I’ve written a Chinese New Year letter. I never did send Christmas cards, so this is going out to the people in my life that I only write to once a year. There are a few and I do like to keep in touch with them. I’m also working on ripping Poisonwood Bible CDs to my computer. I want to put them on an MP3 player eventually so I can listen to the book on our China trip. I borrowed the book from the library. Lot’s cheaper than buying it! They have a nice audiobook collection at our library. I really need to get more into the library.


3 Responses

  1. That is very odd…what is stranger is that my friend Julie has one almost similar to it and blogged about it!!! Her post on it:

    Enjoy the day off!

    Keep smiin!

  2. We have a Snow Day, too! Enjoy the time off!!!

  3. Cool vase! I would love to buy some Mexican artwork.

    Sounds like the snow was pretty bad there — hope tomorrow isn’t too difficult to get around.

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