Here’s a simple meme sent by a&mg ~ 10 things I like that start with the letter “R.”

1) Rain Main – the movie
2) Radio controlled clocks that connect to an atomic clock that keep near perfect time. I’m a little obsessed with time. I desperately want an atomic watch, but can only find a digital one in a women’s size and digital watches/clocks have no soul. The men’s watches are too big for me. Unfortunately most cool watches are men’s. I have watch envy.
3) Ralph, my friend. You reading this, Ralph? If so, leave a comment.
4) Rwiting. Okay, so my spelling isn’t always the best, but you get the idea.
5) Reading. I love to read and do a little every night, but it isn’t enough.
6) Red is my favorite color, especially to wear.
7) Rising above difficulty ~ especially watching people do it. It’s probably why I’m a therapist.
8) Roses. They’re my favorite flower, especially red ones, of course.
9) Rice is good.
10) R……. the husband! Good thing too, since I married him.

By the way, it’s SNOWING here!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

Addition: The Husband was out grilling our dinner in the snow. He wanted our salmon grilled properly and couldn’t have it any other way. Funny, funny man.


7 Responses

  1. I loved your list…rising above difficulty was my favorite.Very cool and I am quite sure you are a wonderful therapist.P.S. Hope the salmon was everything The Husband hoped it would be.

  2. Good man, The Husband. He respects a well cooked fish. I respect that….

  3. Very good list! I have a question: are you EVER late for anything, or are you extremely punctual because of your time obsession?

  4. a&mg, Yes, I’m late for things. In fact, I’ve gotten much worse lately. I’m just very aware that I’m running late and anxious about it. Sometimes this is helpful because I can call and let people know I’ll be late. But I’m never late for work and usually not late for appointments.

  5. Ha! I can just picture The Husband out in the snow. I wish I could convince my hubby to do it. Of course I could do it myself…naahh!

  6. I like the look of big men’s watches on smaller wrists – funky and a great contrast. You look so good in Red, as in that fabulous coat you have. I’m so happy that I can picture you in that coat, standing at C’s front door…

  7. I so totally agree about men’s watches being better. I prefer them, and I love them big (and I have a small wrist)…!

    I am now hungry for grilled salmon.

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