Groundhog Day dilemma

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow yesterday, so they’re saying Spring is coming! Here’s my dilemma. Two local groundhogs did see their shadows and crawled back in their holes for more hibernation. Who do I believe? Phil, who is the Groundhog Day specialist? Or our local dudes, when we all know weather is a local issue?


6 Responses

  1. I’m expecting spring around mid-June. The groundhogs have never been accountable for their mistakes!
    I expect a week of summer in July and then winter starting in August.

  2. Groundhogs love green peppers, I do not. I do not trust groundhogs.

  3. Well it’s 9 degrees here today with -12 windchill. I’m going with Phil. What?? It’s all an old wives’ tale?? lalalalalala I can’t hear yooooouuuu…

  4. Spring just around the corner? We barely had a winter!

  5. Phil is the only REAL groundhog prognosticator. The others are just trying to make a buck off of his fame. They’re imposters! Early spring!!!!

  6. […] happened to spring?  On Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil made a promise that spring was just around the corner and earlier this week it looked like he knew what he was […]

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