Okay, after blogging about how I don’t rant when I write anymore… now I NEED TO RANT! Okay, relax… calm down… (I have a client who says that when I’m perfectly calm. It’s he who’s excited). Back to the story. We have a new insurance plan, which has been wonderful with paying for claims, BUT… the online prescription site drives me COMPLETELY BATTY! Every time I try to log on I can’t. For some crazy reason, I keep trying to work with this stupid site and every time I end up angry and frustrated and needing to CALM DOWN! Finally, The Husband says, “here call their help line.” Great… they’re going to help me. Yeah, right. No, no help with the website, but I did get my prescription called in. I guess that’s the answer. Call in the prescription. Forget the online stuff. It took me 3 minutes to call it in and 1 hour to mess with the stupid website, which still hasn’t helped me and now I have a migraine and need to CALM DOWN! Luckily the migraine pills I ordered a week ago arrived today. Aaaurgh!


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  1. People always complained when I working in Pharamcy that it took so long to count a few lousy pills? Nope…. it was because we had to fight with their darn web sites all the time too! They all had these mysterious pass words we were supposed to automatically know but they never told us! The pharmacy computers would not spit out a med label until we had the official A-Okay from the insurance company! I remember the pass word for one insurance company was “paper”… sure, that’s obvious!

  2. I’m feeling a little better now. I took that migraine pill. I think the pharmacy should give me a freebie since they’re responsible for this headache. These pills cost about $20-/each when you don’t have insurance. Luckily, I do.

  3. Well, be sure to call in for the freebie instead of go online:)

    Sorry you had such a hassle with it tonight. I hate when things that are supposed to be easier and more convenient end up being a total nightmare.

  4. Thank god you got the migraine pills on time (and how ironic)! What a stupid system. Yes, definitely call from now on.

  5. I went to pick up a script the other day–pharmacy said “that will be $144 your insurance will only pay via mail order”
    It would have been really nice had I been notified PRIOR to running out.
    It is infuriating

    D-formerly Dorothy

  6. Sometimes technology can be more a pain then a help!

    Keep smilin!

  7. Technology…..grrrr…..just call old Ma’ Bell. Sometimes, the phone can be worse. I have to call insurance companies all the time for my job. I’m convinced they have people with 9th grade education making medical diagnosis from behind their desks.

    By the way, I don’t remember if I responded to you….of course you can Link my walking blog to your swimming blog! Where are you now? I’m only about a town and a half away….maybe I’ll have to switch to a swimming blog when I finally reach the Pacific.

  8. insurance companies are nutty.

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