Blog anniversary

I started this blog one year ago today. I posted several posts that day, putting up the adoption update emails that we had sent to family over the previous months and some other things I had journaled about. I do like blogging. I’ve always been a journalor. I have a box of 50 journals up in the attic from my high school years though the early 1990s. They are interesting ~ very stream of conscious and pretty raw emotion. I process thoughts and feelings well through writing. I’ve kept a private journal along with the blog, but I don’t write in it often. Most of what I want to say isn’t too private these days. What is interesting is now that I’m writing for a public audience I’m more likely to think through what I want to say. Posts are composed and sometimes a post slowly brews for a few days before I get to it. It needs to percolate. Those are my favorites. I like that my writing is more thought out now ~ not so much ranting or writing about things that don’t matter. Of course, it is a weird thing to write for an audience and really not know whose out there. I do appreciate the comments, as it’s nice to know my public. Anyway, thanks for following along with my ramblings.


5 Responses

  1. Happy blogoversary!! I find that the older I get I don’t really need to rant anymore. Thank god.

  2. Yes, Happy Anniversary to you and your awesome blog. I, like you, had lots of journals growing up… I wrote about every little thought that entered my silly head.
    Blogging is a more MATURE outlet, don’t ya think?
    I enjoy reading your posts and REALLY look forward to when they include your little one!

  3. Happy blogoversay (good new word, new girl!). I also keep a paper journal of my more private thoughts during this adoption journey, one that I hope to be able to share parts of with Jade someday.

  4. Happy 1 Year Blog-iversary!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Happy One Year! I’m with ‘new girl’ on this: the older I am, the less I rant. A good thing.

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