Accounting for the weekly swims

This week I really cruised. I’ve been wanting to go all five days of the workweek sometime, and this was the week. Here goes:

  • Monday, 1/22 – 21 laps
  • Tuesday, 1/23 – 20 laps
  • Wednesday, 1/24 – 20 laps
  • Thursday, 1/25 – 25 laps
  • Friday, 1/26 – 20 laps
  • Weekly total = 106
  • Grand total = 437, only 2863 to go! I’m 13% of the way there.

The pool was very choppy today. At first I thought it was because I’m getting further into the Pacific, so I started really watching for sharks and killer whales ~ thank goodness for my corrective googles! Then I realized that I was between two really good swimmers, who were really churning things up. One woman is training for a triathalon and the other is a guy who just has a really long stroke. I don’t think his stroke is faster than mine, but he books past me because it’s so long.

Back to reality. I don’t plan to swim like this every week, but I’m really proud that I pulled it off. I really wanted to do at least 100 laps! Yahoooooooo! Also, my back has been feeling really good and I haven’t been seeing my chiropractor. My hip only hurts at night and only if I lie on it. So, things are good and I feel strong.

Don’t forget to check on New Girl, my swim partner.


5 Responses

  1. You are amazing.
    It’s nice to hear that it’s lessening aches and pains, too. I need to pin down some fitness goals so I’m not totally runover by an baby when she arrives. Every single mom I ask places being in shape in one of the first few things she recommends for preparing to bring home baby.

  2. That is so great!

  3. Good visualization—swimming the Pacific….will you take a break when you reach Hawaii! Great job…you’re going to be super MOM!

  4. That is so fabulous! I really do not think I could do that.
    Swimming is NOT easy…and sooo many laps!
    Very nice.

  5. So fantastic! Finally posted my update tonight — I’m hoping I can get to 80 laps at some point. I’m glad your feeling physically better!

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