New clocks

We got two new clocks recently. At the end of December, we went to a clock shop and The Husband kept talking about this time clock. I thought it would be cool to get it for him for our anniversary. We went back on Saturday and he looked it over. The clock works looked good and he thinks he can fix the rest of it. He has this idea that someday he’ll make The Kidlet clock in and out for her dates. Yeah, that’s gonna go over big! The other thing, he has a long time to fix it, because she’s not allowed to date until she’s 35. Uh huh.

The second clock is a calendar clock. We saw clocks of this type at the clock shop where I got the time clock, but they were too fancy and distracting. We like simpler clocks. But we did like the calendar clocks in general, so The Husband started looking at them on Ebay. We were watching two very closely and bid on one, which we got. It’s very pretty, but has a very weird strike ~ kind of like a bad gong. I like it, but it’s a strange sound. This clock tells the time, the day of the week, the date, the month, and the moon phase. The month part is cool, because it changes correctly for 30 or 31 day months and even for leap year! It has some pretty complicated gear systems, that make a lot of sense (my eyes don’t completely glaze over when The Husband explains them to me). The leap year gear only changes once every four years. We weren’t able to get this clock to run for more than a short time, but last night The Husband’s dad stopped by to drop off another clock that he’d fixed for us and he moved the calendar clock slightly so it was balanced better, adjusting the tick. It’s been running ever since. He says most clocks will tell you what’s wrong if you just listen. Hmmmm – just like most people!


2 Responses

  1. Very cool! I love when you share your clock collection.

    Hmmmm, clocking in and out for dates….I’m surprised Mike hasn’t thought of that yet. I guess he is going with the same idea that she can’t date until she’s 35 or more!

  2. It also tells you the approximate times for sunrise and sunset. These are calculated for New England latitudes since that’s where the original clocks were manufactured. This clock is a reproduction.

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