Haiku Therapy

I’m not a poet, but today I tried writing some Haiku with the people I work with. They each have some kind of a brain injury and haiku is a great cognitive exercise. I thought these were kind of neat and surprising.

“Don’t throw the snowball,”
Says the mom to her kind son.
Snowball hits mom’s face.
Clock wheel goes around.
Telling time is it’s chore.
“Help me, tick tock Clock.”

2 Responses

  1. Guinness, would you stop?
    My dog is going crazy
    Barking at the couch.

    Did you ever see Fight Club? I love how he sends goofy haikus to all his co-workers daily.

  2. I’m impressed. Trying to write Haiku makes my head explode. I’m convinced that it flows better in Japanese. Or at least I hope it does.

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