Happy be-lated delurking week

So, delurking week has come and gone (January 8-12), but guess what? I’m inviting you to delurk on my blog this week! I know, it’s shocking and exciting to see me break convention this way. Anyway, I know I get about 30 visitors a day and I’d LOVE to hear from you on the blog. Just say hi, tell me something good about your day, tell me your favorite pizza topping if you’re really having trouble, but delurk and tell me something!

9 Responses

  1. OK I’m the first to delurk here!! I love to make my own Gluten Free pizza with extra sauce. I can’t eat wheat so I have to use alternative flours but it is worth the effort. I am enjoying your blog too!

  2. I went to lunch with my husband, parents, and niece today and had a cheesy crab dip pretzel stick! So good!!! If you come this way, we totally have to go there.

    Favorite pizza topping–pepperoni, I guess.

  3. Well…. I don’t usually lurk…. I’m pretty outspoken on the blog.
    Favorite Pizza…… homemade BBQ pizza with chedder cheese and BBQ chicken….. no pineapple.
    I made chicken Al Freddo tonight but I didn’t have white wine for the sauce so I used red wine and had pink chicken but it sure tasted good!

  4. The Saint’s WON!! They are on their way to the title game…!

    Oh, and I’ll eat *pretty much* anything on top of a pizza, as long as the crust is good – chewy and glutinous and made with olive oil. And extra tomato sauce!

  5. I’m not a lurker, but here I am anyway! I had a great day yesterday. I went to a baby shower for a dear, dear friend, and only felt the tears welling once! Actually, it was really lovely and I saw friends I hadn’t seen in too long. And we went out to dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood places where they treat us like family. A very good day.

  6. Just to join in, I love white pizza with lots of garlic and a few sliced tomatos. I recently learned that tomato sauce is a migraine trigger for me, so white pizza it is from now on. But it is yummy this way! And The Husband got a pizza stone for Christmas, so we ought to be having homemade pizza one of these days. That’s what we call a hint…

  7. Fellow ALT and delurker – Deb.
    My day? Crappy, we don’t get MLK Day as a holiday. I am working from home, which balances out the evil…

    Favorite pizza topping? Green Olives. A true splurge because of the salt issue. I also love pineapple and ham.

  8. Hey! Delurking here!

    It`s snowing a ton…yuck

    Keep smilin!

  9. I don’t know what it is about the Maui Zaui but bring on that sauce! I can’t get enough of that pizza, thus my expanding waistline.

    So- delurking is what I’ve accomplished today.

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