Accounting the swims

I really cruised this week AND since I’ve been having trouble learning my numbers in Chinese, I started counting my laps in Chinese. So, here you go.

  • Monday, 1/8 ~ shi wu (15 laps)
  • Tuesday, 1/9 ~ shi wu (15 laps)
  • Thursday, 1/11 ~ er shi (20 laps)
  • Friday, 1/12 ~ shi wu (15 laps)
  • Week Total ~ liu shi wu (65 laps)

Complete Total ~ er bai si shi jiu (249 laps)

Only san qian wu shi yi (3051) to go!

Now, I didn’t put any tones in this post, but in case Lao Shi Tseng is reading this ~ I thought them in the pool!


5 Responses

  1. 65 laps is fantastic! And numbers in Chinese. I am impressed all around. And by the way, I think I must have been in a bad mood last week when I said I wasn’t going to post about swimming anymore. I think I need to see it there in black and white every week!

  2. New girl, oh I must see the numbers or why bother at all! And I’m glad your going to keep posting your swims because, as my swimming partner, seeing your progress is motivation for me.

  3. You rock! I need to get my butt walking more or I’ll never even make it out of Pennsylvania!!

    You should see how far you swam (like, your total miles and see where that would take you):)

  4. I just checked my mileage and I’m up to 7.07 miles. I’m still not out of my county. This is why 1 lap is representing a mile or it would take me well over 100 years to swim to China! I do check the miles now and then, though.

  5. Ha ha! That’s Great Cavatica! You know when I was first learning numbers in Chinese I would practice every morning & evening as I walked from my car in our work parking garage to the office, I’d just read in my mind the numbers on each license plate! it was a great way to practice!! Good luck!

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