14 months post LID

Expecting a referral between May and July, depending on when our LID has been moved. I think we’ve broken the 6-8 month barrier. Somebody send a swarm of ladybugs this way so I can believe it.


6 Responses

  1. Do you not know your new LID? Will they be able to tell you? I will send some ladybugs flying on some red thread parachutes your way:)

  2. I really wish they would tell you the new LID. Nothing like uncertainty on top of uncertainty. But yes, I do believe the 6-8 month barrier is history!

  3. Wait … did I miss something? I even went back and reread many past posts – your LID has changed? Wow! I didn’t know. I am shocked. A little sad. I hope the news of this important date comes soon.

    Happy New Year! Hoping for MANY ladybug sightings for you.

    P.S. as hard as it is to admit, I, too, think the 6-8 month barrier is long gone!

  4. Yes, our LID is sometime in December now, but we don’t know exactly when. Someone at our agency said she thinks early December, but I think this was just a guess. They’ll try to find out from CCAA later in the game. This happened because they asked questions of us in the review room. At one time the put your dossier back in your LID pile. Now they put it wherever they are now. So, we got bumped into December.

  5. Oh I sooo hope it comes fast for you. There is no other feeling than seeing her precious little face.

    It’s going to be one heck of a year for both of us.

    Happy New year

  6. ugh, it stinks about the LID but it’s nice that you are on the shorter side of the wait!

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