Thoughts on regulations ~ an addition

After writing my last post I remembered one important thing that concerns me greatly about the new regulations. That is that many people who adopt do so because of infertility, which is very stressful and often leads to anxiety and depression. These problems are situational rather than true illnesses, like what I think CCAA is really concerned about. However, CCAA is screening people based on taking medications. Nic writes about this beautifully on her blog, so I’ll send you there for a very eloquent post. Part of what concerns me is that families will avoid seeking help and what begins as situational anxiety and/or depression due to a depressing and anxious situation will lead to a real illness because people aren’t seeking help.


2 Responses

  1. Yes! I’ve seen some talk that the CCAA will actually try to do some evaluation of the severity of mental health issues. We’ll see how it goes…

  2. It’s very discouraging to see anxiety and depression stigmitized by the CCAA as mental illnesses and people being precluded from adoption on that basis. Imagining that some people will go off their meds or not get the help they need is tragic. Sigh. Thanks for posting an important post on this subject!

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