Prescription goggles

I got a pair of prescription goggles. This company sells strengths from -1.5 to -8.0. I bought them at a swimming store, because I wanted the sales person to assist me with fitting. I have a small face and never had luck with goggles in the past. I think I’m going to like these. I’ll be able to read the clock and people’s faces, which are both important to me. The clock, so I can decide how long to stay and people’s faces so I can be more socially aware. I hate not knowing if people are looking at me and how. Should I smile? Should I glance away? What do I do? The more crowded the pool, the more this bothers me. All in all, I think I’ll feel more oriented. People laugh at me when I answer the phone from bed without my glasses on and I say, “hang on a minute, I need to put on my glasses.” But I really need them to be fully oriented and hear well. I’ll try them tomorrow morning.

Accounting for today: 14 laps


5 Responses

  1. I completely believe that you one of your senses in order to be in tune with another one!

  2. That makes total sense to me! I’m glad you got the goggles and hope it helps you score even more laps in the pool!!

  3. Cavatica…LASIX! I know a bunch of people who had this and swore by it!My glasses were packed in with my winter sweaters and I just found them again this year…. they have been missing since March 2005. It’s nice to see again but it makes driving so much more scary!

  4. Seems like a great solution, those goggles. Which rx did you buy in the end? Is it possible to have different rx left and right?

  5. Fred, I guess these aren’t actually prescription goggles, but are “corrective” goggles because they aren’t made for me specifically. I got the -6.0 and no, you can’t get different lenses for each eye. For that you do need a prescription. I’ve looked into that and some opticians sell them. They run about $200- for the goggle and the lenses. For $30- I’m pretty happy with these. I think it’s equivalent to buying reading glasses at the drug store rather than prescription reading glasses at an optician. I figure I use them for 30 minutes a day and don’t need perfection.

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