First Christmas ~ Take II

Meet Ronaldo, the real star of the day. He’s my cousin’s grandson and we were lucky that he joined us for the day. He’s two and quite the charmer.

Finally, after most of the guests left, The Husband and Nicky enjoy a game of ping pong.


6 Responses

  1. Cute pics!

  2. oh…we have the same kitty ping pong race track….. I’ll bet my cat, Tucker can beat your husband! I keep having to buy new cardboard things for the center…. I just love shredded cardboard all over!

  3. Adorable little guy!

    Hmmm…I wonder if our kitty would go for one of those? He is definitely in need of some new entertainment.

  4. The Husband bought the ping pong track when Nicky first moved in and says it’s the best $10- ever spent on a cat toy. Nicky loves it and can entertain himself well with it. Our cats aren’t too hard on the cardboard centers, though.

  5. The ping pong picture is too cute! Who won the game??? LOL

  6. This is our 3rd ping pong toy and everyone has been totally worth it! The cats will spend long periods of time just watching it go around and around. My friend bought me a little ball that lights up and fits in the track perfectly so they have night time playing pleasure also!

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