Favorable Home Study Take 2

We are the proud recipients of a bouncing, healthy second home study. We made a few very minor corrections, which was a big improvement over our first home study, which was terribly written! We had to make many spelling and grammatical changes on that one. The social worker was delightful, but she couldn’t write. Anyway, things look good. We just have to send in our pay stubs, it’ll be edited, and off to USCIS it’ll go!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome, congrats! It must feel good to be done paperchasing….again!

  2. Great news! I’m sure it’s a relief.

  3. Gosh-another homestudy! Its different in the UK-we have a review-but I guess it does take us a year and a half of homestudy,Panel in the first place.
    Great you’ve had it completed.

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