Let’s just say I’m pitiful when it comes to the significant dates between The Husband and I. I just handed the phone off to The Husband after having my interview for this study when I hear him begin to answer the questions I answered an hour ago. First, “we met exactly five years ago.” Holy cow, it’s the 5th anniversary of our first date! Cool! Then, “we were married on January 3, 2004.” Ack! “Husband, tell her I got it wrong. I said the 4th!” Isn’t the woman supposed to remember the anniversaries? Good thing we got our wedding date engraved on our rings. I can always check it there.


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  1. As long as ONE of you remembers, I think it’s ok:) We got married in 2000, so it’s easy for us to always remember how many years we’ve been married. A big help!

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