Home sick

I stayed home sick today because I have almost no voice and I’m coughing away. Yucko. So far I have slept, caught up on all my favorite blogs, and finished an adoption survey for Abbie Goldberg and the Transition to Adoptive Parenthood Project, thanks to Nic. Love research. Our phone interview is tomorrow night. I hope my voice comes back. Also, a brand new copy of Scientific American MIND arrived today, so I should be entertained for awhile. Plus, I have a pot of tea with honey in a caraf, which feels good on my throat.


3 Responses

  1. Yuck, I hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. So you’re the one who gave me this nasty bug!!!! Talk about cyber viruses!
    I slept all day cuddled up with a wiggly poodle and a teapot of vanilla chai. (Don’t tell anyone but I may have to drag this illness out a bit…. I don’t mind the relaxation!) And strangely enough no one seems to mind that I have lost my voice!

  3. Cool that you did the study. Very cool.

    Sorry you are sick.

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