Beginning my 8th trimester

Today I officially begin my 8th trimester. It’s been 21 months since we were accepted as clients by our adoption agency or roughly the gestation period of an Asian elephant. While I think this is a darling mother and daughter picture, it really isn’t what I’m hoping for as my first.

What I want to know, but I’m very afraid to ask is this… I don’t think there is an animal with a longer gestation period than an Asian elephant. What’s up next?


2 Responses

  1. I just googled it and I think you’ve got the longest! So I guess it needs to be changed to “people adopting from China” for the new longest gestation. Sucky, sucky, suck.

  2. “Trimester”, I love it. I need to start using that phrase; it will provide some variety at least.


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