Last evening we attended a party at my boss’s house. They adopted their youngest daughter from China two years ago and they were our inspiration. We’re using their adoption and home study agencies because their experience was so good. Their daughter is doing great and of course we talked about adoption from China, including the Terrible Slowdown of 2006. I think this inspired last night’s dream.

I dreamt that we got THE CALL from our agency and I called my boss to say I wouldn’t be in on Monday because we would be leaving for China on Monday. He said, “okay,” and we did lots of shopping because we were so unprepaired, of course thinking we had six to eight months to go. Next shot, in China. We met Kidlet, only her name was Melissa. (The last time I had a dream about her she was named Julia. I love the name we’ve chosen and feel very right about it, but she is never named that in my dreams.) Anyway, she was a cutie. She was a little older than I expect and seemed to be bonding fairly well. She didn’t cry when we met. I remember being very aware of us bonding… thinking about it all the time. We used her Chinese name a lot, but I don’t know what it was. The rest is kind of vague. We were in hotels. My parents were around some of the time. I felt very committed to her and wondered how she was felt about us. She wasn’t exactly what I expected, but she was wonderful and perfect and I couldn’t love her more. Still, she probably thought we were aliens and we had to prove ourselves to her, which was daunting. She was one cool kid and I just hoped she’d accept me as Mom. It was exciting and scary.


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  1. I’ve had dreams of meeting our baby before, too. Makes you wish the alarm wouldn’t go off….

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