Day in Philly

I went to Philadelphia today. Up with the dark and full moon; back with the dark and full moon. Two harrowing trips on the Sure-Kill Expressway. Two lattes from Starbucks on the turnpike ~ one going east, one going west. Two presentations for this group. It went well.

Again, this is a somewhat experimental post. Blogger kicked me off a bit ago when I tried to create a link, but this time it went okay. I’m still having a little trouble with pictures, but I just managed one.

Oh, and I’m going swimming tomorrow morning. I tell you this to keep me going. I need accountability. You’re my accountants. No, I won’t pay you. Thanks for your help, though.

2 Responses

  1. I hate driving into the city, so I feel for ya! I’m glad the presentations went well.

    I fully expect an account of tomorrow’s swimming posted!

  2. I’ve been swimming too — on and off for the last few months. I need some accountability as well as I seem to go regularly for a couple months and then not at all for a month or so. I’m not too bad at it, and I really love it. I feel so relaxed and peaceful afterward. (Sorry not to post with my link — sometimes blogger is weird).

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