Saturday hunting trip

On Saturday we went a-huntin’. We went to the big, bad, and dangerous forest full of wild things. We were armed and we were fierce. We lurked and we snuck and we were careful never to let our prey look us in the eye. In the end, we bagged a ferocious…





Christmas tree.

We chose a Frazier fir, which is our favorite. They are interesting trees ~ very defined, with branches that look like fingers.

Here’s The Husband chopping the poor thing down.


It tried to make a run for it, but against us savage hunters it didn’t have a chance.
Next, you see me glorying over our catch showing who is truly dominant!

That evening we had friends over to help us decorate. 

Merry Christmas!


4 Responses

  1. Nice tree. There’s a shortage in the UK this year so sales in artificial trees are predicted to rocket. My daughters like real trees so I guess I’ll be hunting too!
    Best wishes.

  2. Great tree! We are waiting a teeny bit longer to get our stuff up because the new puppy has enough distractions for the moment….:)

  3. Beautiful tree! We’ve never made the opportunity to go and cut one down ourselves, but I’ve always wanted to. I totally fell for the hunting expedition.

  4. Funny post! We are in the process of asking around about where to go to cut our own tree down. Who knew that it would be as difficult as finding a new hairdresser when you move? (well, maybe not that hard!) Glad to see that you and hubby are getting into the holiday spirit~

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