I went, I saw, I swam

After checking out our local community center, they sent us a couple free passes. I’ve had this idea in my head that I’d start swimming, as it’s supposed to be great exercise for us arthritic old foagies (how do you spell that???). I’ve been thinking of making it part of my morning routine, so I don’t have to really interfere with my day. Up 15 minutes earlier… incorporate the normal shower with the pre and post- swim shower and get ready for work there, minus my household distractions. So, this afternoon I used a free pass to test the waters. Mission accomplished. I swam 10 laps (back and forth laps) in about 20 minutes and was in and out of the joint in an hour!

Now, let’s see if Blogger lets me publish. I did it quick!!!


3 Responses

  1. Very impressive! I need to get my butt out walking more–SOMETHING besides sitting on my butt thinking about how much I need to go for a walk.

  2. I used to swim at the community pool in North Providence and I made some great friends there! We used to swim in the evenings and then go out for coffee. One night in February the fire alarm went off and we had to stand OUTSIDE in wet bathing suits with nothing on our feet for an hour! Strangers were pulling up and asking us if we wanted to wait in their cars! We still laugh about that!
    The BEST motivation I have for walking 2 miles a day is a dog who bounces OFF the walls without his walks! The not so fun thing is this is hunting season so both my dog and I need to wear bright orange vests and look like total geeks! It’s very cool to walk through the woods seeing turkeys, pheasant, grouse, deer….. it’s so peaceful.

  3. Swimming is my favorite exercise. But I don’t do it anymore because all my students end up as lifeguards at the Y, and I won’t be in a suit in front of my students. Not conducive to success in the classroom. 🙂

    Congratulations on beginning!

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