US Consulate Holiday Schedule

The US Consulate in Guangzhou will be closed the following American and Chinese holidays:


  • Thurs, November 23 ~ Thanksgiving (US)
  • Mon, December 25 ~ Christmas (US)


  • Mon, January 1 ~ New Year’s Day (US & China)
  • Mon, January 15 ~ Martin Luther King Day (US)
  • Mon-Wed, Jan 19-21 ~ Lunar New Year (China)
  • Mon, January 19 ~ Washington’s Birthday (US)
  • Tues-Thurs, May 1-3 ~ International Labor Day (China)
  • Mon, May 28 ~ Memorial Day (US)
  • Wed, July 4 ~ Independence Day (US)
  • Mon, September 3 ~ Labor Day (US)
  • Mon-Wed, Oct 1-3 ~ Chinese National Day (China)
  • Mon, October 8 ~ Columbus Day (US)
  • Mon, November 12 ~ Veteran’s Day (US)
  • Thurs, November 22 ~ Thanksgiving Day (US)
  • Tues, December 25 ~ Christmas (US)

Holy cow, that’s 13 holidays with 19 days off in one year!!! I get 6 holidays with 8 days off. I think I need to work at the consulate. Lucky them. Unlucky us, who just have to wait that much longer for our consulate appointments.


3 Responses

  1. You and me both.

    If you want to see nutty, check out the days off in Israel. Those holidays I got sick of as a kid pay off when you work there. Jews sure like a day off, oh yes we do!

  2. I guess I can’t complain too much–I’m a public school teacher, so we get lots of days off, too:)

  3. Aren’t they off for the moon festival too?

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