An evening with friends

Saturday evening we had two couples over ~ Jon and Katrina and their little girl, Alaina, and Tom and Hui-Ling and their little girl, Joy. Katrina is The Husbands’s second cousin and they were housemates for five years. In fact, they found this house together. Katrina moved out just when The Husband and I started dating when she married Jon. Now they have Alaina, who is a fun little kid. Hui-Ling is our Chinese teacher and Tom is her husband. Joy is one month younger than Alaina, who is 22-months-old. The kids really hit it off, in their parallel play kind of way. They were very excited by the cats. Nicky was great with them. Most of the evening he stuck around, letting them check him out, but not letting them too close. Aleca hid under the bed, but I let them look with a flashlight at the old lady kitty.  The Husband cooked his famous ribs ~ bronto, pork ribs that are about a pound a piece. Tom brought his mac and cheese and was kind enough to leave me the leftovers. There was plenty of everything and we had leftover ribs. I should hope so, The Husband made 20 pounds!

Here is Hui-Ling and Joy. Joy is learning both English and Chinese simultaneously. It is neat to hear her mother and her interact with Chinese and English intermixed. They brought along their Muzzy DVDs for us to watch. Muzzy is a foreign language program for young children. It uses DVDs, CDs, and video games to teach many languages. Of course, we are interested in Muzzy Chinese. Joy loves it and asks for it often. She is only allowed to watch it once a day and they listen to the CDs in the car. What’s interesting is that Hui-Ling says she pronounces Muzzy differently depending on whether she is speaking English or Chinese, just like the DVDs. Joy also has very good language skills for her age, which I suspect is related to her learning two languages at once.

Here are the girls together.

And Lainie riding the nay-nay. She loves horses! That is my rocking horse. I rode it at her age and it seems to be holding out okay. Funny thing about nay-nay… Tom heard Jon saying “nay-nay” loudly to Alaina and wondered what was up. In Chinese that means breast feeding. Ooops! Jon says he’ll have trouble thinking of nay-nays quite the same after this.


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  1. Okay now stop with the pictures of adorable little girls!!!! I want some! I know I could never do the whole adoption process but suddenly I feel myself wanting kids…. when did this kick in? They still poo their pants and want money so I need to just get over it!

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