Blogger blues

Urgh, I’m having Blogger problems. It won’t let me add photos. In fact, I’m betting I won’t be allowed to post this. If you see this, you have witnessed a miracle! If you believe that you should start praying to the ladybug god next. I’ll send you a 1-800 number and they’ll ask you for money.


4 Responses

  1. Wow! My first miracle! What is it with the ladybugs? I have so many in and around my house and I find them disgusting!

  2. Sheila, if I tell you about the ladybug gods you’ll have to send me the religious donation.

  3. I can send you a ladybug fresh out of my toilet!

  4. I think that there is some sadistic person with a pair of 10-sided dice in an office somewhere that randomly decides if blogger will post your pictures. Perhaps he needed to roll higher than an 18 to allow your pictures to go through.

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