Two books

Last night I finished “Pigs in Heaven.” Loved it… just as I did from the start. One thing I’ve found about Barbara Kingsolver is that I find her a little predictable. This isn’t a complaint, just an observation. In each of the three books I’ve read by her I’ve predicted something and this is unusual for me. This isn’t a problem because there is mystery about how this event will happen and I need to know. I must keep reading. “Pigs in Heaven” didn’t disappoint.

As soon as I put down “Pigs…” I picked up “Where is the Mango Princess?” by Cathy Crimmins. This book appeared in my mailbox at work. Many of us got a copy and we don’t know who gave them to us. It is a memoir by a woman whose husband was hit in the head by a speedboat. Crimmins, already a published writer, tells the story of her husband’s brain injury beautifully. It’s an easy read, in that you don’t want to put it down, but difficult as you watch this family fall into the abyss of brain injury and put a new life together on the other side. As a cognitive therapist, I see the other side. Occasionally, we are given glimpses of our clients’ former lives ~ the skilled artist, now silly and learning to paint with her non-dominant hand; the handsome, Harley-riding businessman, now drooling, unable to walk, and depressed. But these are only snapshots. Crimmins gives the whole picture, who her husband was, a bank attorney, and who he now is, an uninhibited man who masterbates in public and laughs at mediocre cartoons. It is an important book for anyone who works with people with brain injury, for family members, and for survivors. But I think it would interest anyone who has an interest in people. I’ve just started the book, but I think I’ll get through it quickly. From what I can tell by reviews, most people do.


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  2. The Mango Princess book sounds like a very compelling read. Thanks for the recommendation- I’m always on the look out for a new book. Currently reading The Time Travelers Wife for an online book club I belong to, run by a fellow China adoptive parent. It’s at if you want to check it out.

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